Maestro™ 2014 Week One: Opening Night Mother’s Day Special

by Merrilee McCoy on 14 May, 2014 in Shows

Back at The Space for our first Maestro of 2014, the cast was positively vibrating during their pre-show warm ups.

Those unfamiliar with Impro Melbourne’s philosophy may not realise that a lot of our training as players centres around trying to delight each other onstage. This training creates an atmosphere where it feels like literally anything can happen, and this was certainly true for this show.

What transpired was a delightful whirlwind of scenes, ranging from classic games like ‘Arms Expert’, to a bungled bank heist (where the robbers became the victims), a giant dragon slayed with raspberry tea, and an all-in Mothers Day serenade starring all the mums from the audience.

One of my favourite moments was watching (eventual) Maestro winner, Sarah Kinsella perform a monologue as her young daughter, Alice. Alice desperately wanted the dress from Frozen and couldn’t understand why she was unable to have it - it felt like a gross injustice! Sarah’s ability to convey Alice’s longing so convincingly was really funny and completely enjoyable to watch.

My other favourite moments from Maestro are usually when the players run riot over the Director. Patti (who directed on Sunday), clearly had something else in mind when Rik and Sarah stepped up and instead performed a 15 second nonsense song and dance. The audience gave it a five and everyone went home happy.

I’m really looking forward to feeling that playful buzz again this Sunday - hope to see you there too!

Congratulations Week One Maestro Sarah Kinsella!