Impro Melbourne is Melbourne’s most diverse improvisation theatre company. Formed by Russell Fletcher and Christine Keogh in 1996 it is now run by General Manager Jenny Lovell and the Impro Melbourne Committee of Management, chaired by Tim Redmond. The company is led by Artistic Directors Katherine Weaver and Patti Stiles.

Since 1996 Impro Melbourne has produced all forms of improvised theatre from minute-long games and impromptu musicals to Shakespeare-on-the-spot and hour-long fully improvised plays. We currently produce the global impro format Theatresports™, as well as Keith Johnstone's two other competition formats Maestro™ and Gorilla Theatre™. We pride ourselves on making inclusive and diverse improvised theatre that represents a wide range of stories and experiences with accuracy and compassion.

In 2004 we developed a schools program which has now become a highly acclaimed series of demonstration shows and workshops for primary and secondary students, which is managed by Regional Arts Victoria.

Impro Melbourne’s reputation continues to grow as we travel across Australia and overseas. The company has performed and taught in Asia, Europe, South Africa and North America. We continue to share our innovative techniques with the impro world and will never stop searching the globe for inspiration.

Impro Melbourne values diversity within our ensemble, workshops, staff and audiences. We extend a warm welcome to people of different ethnicities, religions, sexualities, genders, abilities, ages, and backgrounds. 

Impro Melbourne is comprised of performers who have been working as actors and improvisors in Melbourne, Sydney and overseas for over 30 years on the stage and in TV and film. Our performance company is comprised of two levels: our Ensemble and Rookies. The Ensemble includes Amy Moule, Jaime Cerda, Jenny Lovell, Katherine Weaver, Kevin Yank, Mike Bryant, Nigel Sutton, Patrick Duffy, Patti Stiles, Rik Brown, Sarah Kinsella, Brenna Dixon, Jaklene Vukasinovic and Tim Redmond.

Notable Alumni include Jason Geary, Anna Renzenbrink, Lliam Amor, Mark Gambino, Amanda Buckley, Karl McConnell, Julia Zemiro, Russell Fletcher, Geoff Wallis, Carole Patullo, Andrew Bayly, Chris Gregory, Kate Herbert, Jamie Robertson, Simon Dowling, Rama Nicholas, Victoria Healy, Geoff Paine and Ross Daniels.

Our shows are truly improvised, including the technical side of our shows. Impro Melbourne has the good fortune of working with many technicians and musicians who embrace the spontaneous nature of improvised theatre.