Impro Melbourne

Impro Melbourne is the longest running and most diverse improvisational theatre company in Melbourne.


Impro Melbourne is the longest running improvisational theatre company in Melbourne. Formed in 1996 by Russell Fletcher and Christine Keogh the company’s work is based on the philosophy of actor and impro teacher  Keith Johnstone. Keith is the author of the international best sellers ’IMPRO' and ‘Impro For Storytellers’ and Impro Melbourne are the only company in Victoria licensed to perform his formats Theatresports,™ Maestro Impro,™ and Gorilla Theatre.™

The company is strongly committed to furthering the art form of improvisation by producing shows that are engaging, varied and above all entertaining. Risk taking and creative exploration are key in ensuring that work remains fresh, bold and inclusive.

Each production is unique with diverse subject matter spanning all genres. Whether creating theatre for young audiences or crafting musicals, comedies, game-themed shows or multi-media pieces the emphasis is always on telling a story with the utmost integrity and passion. With an ensemble of talented, internationally acclaimed performers to draw from this is gold-standard impro that constantly strives to raise the bar for great entertainment.

The Impro Melbourne calendar is continually full, with the company’s improvisors busy performing shows and running a full schedule of workshops at their training facility. In addition they take workshops and shows to schools and community venues, lead corporate training sessions at home and overseas and represent the company at international festivals. 

The company is run by Artistic Director  Katherine Weaver, General Manager Rik Brown and the Impro Melbourne Management Committee.

Diversity is valued within the Impro Melbourne ensemble, its workshops, staff, volunteers and audiences and a warm welcome is extended to everyone, regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender, ability, age or background.