Open Stage 2024

Open Stage is like open mic night for improvisers.

Impro Melbourne is thrilled to bring back Open Stage!

In the first half, Impro Melbourne students of all levels of experience put their names into a hat for the chance to be called on stage. They are set up in games and stories chosen by an experienced Impro Melbourne director. A chance to watch people perform for the 1st or 100th time! 
In the second half join us for the Open Stage!

You might see improvisors attempt a solo routine, a duo, a game, a scene, a genre, a bit from a show they are working on, an improvised song, A written sketch.... anything is possible.

With brand new performers and wily veterans, all welcome to pitch an idea, the shows are sure to be a roller coaster ride that will leave you wanting more! 

Are you an Improviser looking to pitch for a future open stage? Fill in this form 

Show Details

Tickets are free or by donation! 

The shows 6 pm  - 8 pm 

Sun, 26 May 2024    
Sun, 30 Jun 2024    
Sun, 28 Jul 2024   
Sun, 25 Aug 2024    
Sun, 29 Sep 2024 
Sun, 27 Oct 2024    
Sun, 24 Nov 2024   


Impro Melbourne Theatre
21-23 Stanley Street West Melbourne, VIC 3003

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