Nautical Adventures Student Show

Sail the adventures of the sea with us! "The water, like a witch's oils, Burnt green, and blue and white." The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner (BY SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE)

Enter the world of adventure, omens, haunted islands and accursed ships, Davy Jones’s locker, mermaids, sirens, Neptune and Poseidon and other Greek and Roman mythology. The great legends and lore from the sea: maritime stories of heroism, tales of great deeds, quirky superstitions, fantastic creatures, the human relationship to the sea and sea voyages and the psychological struggles of the individual in the hostile environment of the sea.

The stories will be brought to life through improvised storytelling and improvised set creation (snogging).


Show Details

Dates: 13 December 


Time: 7.00pm - 9:00pm


This is a free event


David Williamson Theatre
35 St John Street, Prahran

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