Triple Double
2023 Season – closed

A whirlwind of improvisational mayhem!

Join the Mad Hatter of Impro for a late-night whirlwind of improvisation and invention. 

TRIPLE DOUBLE sees Impro Melbourne veteran Rik Brown perform three 15-minute duos with three different partners each night. 
Can he deal with all the ideas? Can he make it through this non-stop marathon? Will his brain explode?
Rik is known for his bold character work, mischievous play, and sharp mind and this show will see him teamed up with a variety of improvisers of different experience levels who will push him headfirst into the unknown.

With entry by donation, this is the best deal going around to scratch that improv itch!

"Improv @its best....Awesomeness !!!" - Audience reviews
“Comedic chaos ensued.” -The Plus Ones

Show Dates:

Friday nights - 8:15pm

September 15th 

ENTRY BY DONATION via the booking link


Show Details


Impro Melbourne Theatre
21-23 Stanley Street West Melbourne, VIC 3003

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