Are You Awake?

Exploring those late night chats that you have at 3AM.

“Are you awake?”

When this question is asked in the middle of the night, you just know it will lead to juicy in-depth conversations that normally wouldn’t happen during daylight hours.

Maybe you’ve had these middle of the night chats during sleepovers? Camping with friends? In bed with a new lover? Or at the end of a relationship?

Join us on a late-night journey into the conversations that can only be heard in the middle of the night, when the lights are off and your guard is down.

Each episode features two Impro Melbourne actors exploring those connections as the pair are given a photo and location to inspire their late-night conversation.

We hope to make you laugh, cry, and reflect on your experiences with this improvised podcast.


Episode 1 - The Castle

Episode 2 - Spring day 

Episode 3 - New Car Smell 

Episode 4 - New Job 

Episode 5 - Aurora

Episode 6 - Mum 

Episode 7 -Be my primary 

Epsoide 8 - Cruise 

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