Close To You

A fully improvised show about Romantic love, Intimacy, Passion and Sexual Attraction.

Everyone loves Love, which makes 'Close To You' the perfect choice to kick start the 2019 Impro Melbourne season.

This is a ground breaking show celebrating passion, romance and sexual attraction from creator and director Rama Nicholas and like all great love affairs, its bound to leave you wanting more.

Love stories intrigue us. From the great movie classics to romantic books, poetry and music, and as our favourite characters fall in love we relish every moment of their joy. Then when the inevitable heartbreak comes we share their tears and share their pain.

In the world of improvisation, however, the realm of romantic love and sexual intimacy is seldom explored. Not so with this improvised show. Close To You draws on our rawest emotions, secret loves and hidden yearnings to create an intimate and engaging theatrical experience.

This is improvisation at its riskiest. It challenges and stretches the improvisors, demanding skill, sensitivity and courage. From the thrill of finding a new love to experiencing the electrifying tension of desire. From a candid conversation about infidelity to debating the sexual complexities of a long term relationship.

The show has been performed in numerous countries including Germany, The Netherlands and Israel and was developed from Rama Nicholas’s work teaching intimacy workshops to improvisors around the world. An accomplished actor, writer and comedian, Rama won the Moosehead Award for Comedy at the MICF 2014, while in 2014 and 2017 she was nominated for the Golden Gibbo Award for independent comedy at the MICF. In 2018 she received the Brisbane Power House Tour Award.

Close To You is a show that isn’t afraid to explore the deep emotions and complicated dynamics between adults and as such is only suitable for audiences aged 16 years and over. With its Valentine’s Day opening, early booking is advised.


Show Details


16 February

7:30pm - 9:30pm

Early Bird $12.00 on sale Dec. 21, 2018 to Jan 6th 2019
Online $17.00
At Door $22.00 full | $17 Conc. 

Special Loved One offer: 2 tickets for $30. Bring someone "close to you" - a friend, a partner, a family member

Impro Melbourne students
$12 online and at door


David Williamson Theatre
35 St John Street, Prahran

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