The Grand Exotic Budapescht Hotel
2018 Season – closed

"If you're looking for two hours of fun, escapism, and rapier sharp wit, tinged with an element of craziness, you can be guaranteed it at The Grand Exotic Budapescht Hotel." Weekend Notes

The Grand Exotic Budapescht Hotel is a sophisticated, luxurious haven where anything goes. In this intoxicating improvised soap opera the skilful Impro Melbourne players weave a delightful evening of high jinx and high drama as their cast of eccentric characters descend on this very special hotel. Under her tinkling chandeliers fortunes are won and lost, affairs blossom, fate intervenes. Imposters strive to keep their cool. In an establishment rife with intrigue, a concierge with his own definition of room service assures plenty of satisfied customers.
Everyone has their own unique tale to tell, whether a bell hop or a duchess, a playboy or a maid. When their worlds collide, passions run high and the fun begins. The next mishap is only a cocktail away. Heartache could be just around the corner so why not frolic like there’s no tomorrow?

Meet the characters 


Impro Melbourne’s talent pool is second to none. Joint Artistic Director Patti Stiles is a founding member of the Canadian improvised soap opera company Die Nasty and the first woman to improvise for the full fifty three hours of their annual soap-a-thon weekend. Other Impro Melbourne company members have since followed suit and whether it's a marathon weekend session or a regular evening show like The Grand Exotic Budapescht Hotel, the popular soap opera format allows for plenty of comedic scope and creative zeal.
An evening at the Grand Exotic Budapescht Hotel is like catching up with a group of quirky, boisterous friends. You won’t want to leave. Request a late check out. 


Jenny Lovell, Rik Brown, Sarah Kinsella, Amy Moule, Tim Redmond, Simon Oats, Jaime Cerda, Jason Geary, Rama Nicholas, Dan Cordeaux, Lliam Amor, Simon Dowling, Nigel Sutton, Amanda Buckley, Anna Renzenbrink, Adam McKenzie, Candic D'arcy, Jim Fishwick, David Massingham, Sophie Power, Rhys Auteri, Jess Luu, Melissa Eccleston, Caitlin McNaughton, Adam Hembree, and Brenna Dixon

Suggested age 15+

Show Details

Dates: 22 July - 16 Sept.

Sunday  Evenings

Times: 7.30pm - 9:30pm

Tickets: on sale 8 July

Early Bird $12 | on sale 23 June - 7 July

Regular        Online $17 | Door $22
Concession  $17 at door only
Group 4+  Online $17 | Door $19 (per tix)

Impro Melbourne students
Online $12  | Door: $17
Note: use student code for online bookings


David Williamson Theatre
35 St John Street, Prahran

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