How Improv makes me a better Artist, a better Professional, and a better Human

Creating something "new" requires generating a lot of ideas. To allow those ideas to bubble up, judgment - "good" or "bad" - must be suspended. Improv helps me with this through radical acceptance of ideas - others and my own.

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Impro is a life skill 

The World Economic Forum lists creativity as one of the Top 10 Skills of 2025. Workplaces are hiring for it, schools are teaching it, communities are calling for it to help solve tomorrow’s problems today. Really, they should just enrol people in an impro course.

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Northern Bay College Workshop Report

On October 16, Impro Melbourne’s Patti Stiles and Patrick Duffy taught a workshop on Communication and Collaboration skills through improvisation techniques. They worked with Northern Bay College administrative staff from 5 campuses.

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