Weekend Notes: Smells Like A Song!

“I loved this production: it was vibrant and suspenseful because it is a moment-by-moment experience and the actors are totally responsive to each another and their audience. That, in itself, is a recipe for total theatre engagement.”

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The Plus Ones: Impro Melbourne’s new show Maestro

“I am going to add a new affliction to the medical journals: ‘Face-ache – a condition caused when an individual laughs and smiles for such an extended period of time that their face aches.’ I got face-ache at Sunday night’s ‘Maestro Impro’™, a generous two-hour helping of improvised scenes, skits and masterly impro battles presented by Impro Melbourne.”

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The Plus Ones: Grand Theft Impro

“The Impro Melbourne crew have been delighting audiences with their antics since 1996. For 2 decades they have performed and taught nationally and internationally, including in Asia, Europe, the Americas and South Africa. They now bring to Melbourne – for the first time – ‘Grand Theft Impro’ a 55-minute rollercoaster ride of spontaneous, unscripted, short sketches.”

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