Rookie Tryouts 2021 Announced

by Katherine Weaver on 2 May, 2021 in blog

Impro Melbourne is looking for individuals who have a passion for improvisation to join our Rookie Company.

A Rookie is a member of our apprentice company. They are improvisers who train and perform with Impro Melbourne. Rookies are committed to developing their improvisational and performance skills; they share the same creative goals as Impro Melbourne and have strong interpersonal and group skills.

Rookies receive performance opportunities on special Rookie projects plus performance with Impro Melbourne through the main season.
Rookies also receive personal guidance and feedback on their work and discounted training.

To become a Rookie we require interested individuals to attend a Tryout session. The Tryout is a fun, structured jam. You will be working with various members of Impro Melbourne in a relaxed environment so we can get to know each other.


To register simply copy the following questions into an email, fill them out and email them to us at 

Registration Questions
Email address:
What impro experience do you have?
Do you have any other relevant experience or training?
(e.g. clowning, acting, etc.)
What do you believe is important in improvisation?
Why do you want to be a Rookie with Impro Melbourne?
Any other comments?


Rookie Tryout Details
Date: Sunday 23rd May 2021
Time: 2pm - 5pm
Venue: The Courthouse Hotel North Melbourne - 86-90 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051

Please note there are limited spaces available.
Registration deadline is Monday 17th May 

If you have any questions please contact Katherine at


More Details below. 

Thank you for your interest in joining Impro Melbourne through our Rookie program. Below is some more information on the program. 

How is someone invited to become a Rookie?

An invitation is offered when we feel an individual meets the following criteria.

They have;

1. A compatible impro philosophy to our own

2. Their personal artistic goals are in line with IM’s goals

3. They demonstrate a level of impro skill, narrative technique and have performance training, experience or ability.

4. They have a dedication and work ethic which is in line with IM’s expectations.

5. They can commit to IM’s expected time requirements.

6. Have a great passion for improvisation.

What does Impro Melbourne offer Rookies?

We offer our Rookies;

1. Personal guidance and feedback on your work.

2. Reduction in the cost of training.

3. Consideration to be cast in Impro Melbourne shows.

4. At least 1 Rookie Showcase season (between 4-9 shows)

5. An company member as a Mentor for more personalized feedback.

6. A combination of focused Rookies training and shared training with Impro Melbourne players.

7. Special training events with guest local, national and international teachers. Either free or at a large discount from public rates.

8. Free tickets to all Impro Melbourne shows.

What does Impro Melbourne expect from Rookies?

We expect Rookies to;

1. Commit to the pursuit of excellence in the craft of improvisation.

2. Commit to the training, rehearsals and performances.

3. Commit to support Impro Melbourne’s activities and help in off-stage duties, volunteer positions and promotion.

4. Strive for continual self-improvement in improvisation skills and performance

5. Respect and value the contributions of Impro Melbourne Staff, Committee and Players

6. Actively participate in achieving Impro Melbourne Mission Statement and company goals on and off stage

7. Actively participate in achieving company goals on and off stage

8. Be an ambassador for Impro Melbourne in relations with other impro organisations locally, nationally, and internationally.

9.Display a professional attitude when representing Impro Melbourne

Commitments -  

Training: 2 hours on Monday eve.

Performances: When performing it is mandatory to help with set up and strike. Rookies are expected to attend the majority of the public performances.

There is much to be learned by watching as well as performing.

Opportunities available to Rookies include

• Casting consideration in all Impro Melbourne shows

• Performance experience with Impro Melbourne.

• Performance opportunities with Rookie performance projects

• Consideration to be invited into the Impro Melbourne Ensemble after the Trial period

12 Month Trial Period

Joining an organisation is like starting a relationship. A 12 month trial period is an opportunity for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you.

At the end of the 12 month period, the Artistic Director will have a chat with you to see what the future holds.

Costs: The Rookie program costs $100 a term. ($400 for the year) This fee goes towards Impro Melbourne being able to run this program, covering some of the costs of venue hire and teacher fees. 

Please let us know if you have any other questions at   

We look forward to seeing you there