Life lessons on failure and shame

by Sophie Power on 23 May, 2019
Learning the ins and outs of improvisation can instil in us a litany of life lessons.
Without a doubt the hardest habit to hack is how to stare our failures in the face and readily wrap them in a welcoming embrace.
Breathing in the air of our errors leaves us reaching for restitution, desperate to disinfect our dignity from the shockwave of shame. Time after time we're taught to seek the sweet smell of success until our nose knows no other aroma will satisfy.
How then to retrain our brain.
How do we learn to bet on the long shot of our ongoing shortcomings?
The easiest way is to reframe the shame game.
Teach our battered brains that failure IS success.
Only when we urge our impulses through failures fail-safes will we find freedom.
The safety of sure-fire success will suck our souls of onstage satisfaction.
The predictable pattern of achievable achievements will leave us lost on the 'Adequate Plateau'. This Plateau is populated by a plethora of proud performers. The fear that failure will clip their wings has left them too fear-filled to fly.
Embracing failure sets our creativity free while fear shackles us to stale certainty.
Finding success through failure allows us to play in the wild unknown.