Pre Impro Preparation

by Rik Brown on 19 March, 2019
Alone in the unknown. Willing your mind, body and heart to unite and take flight.
David Massingham
It seems that everyone has their own preferred path down to the crucible of creativity. 

Some people crackle with pre-show lightning and need to give their energy form and voice. For this band of eclectic electrics, there are any number of warm-up games to channel their wildfire. They are drawn together to vent the excess, to instruct their nerves how best to serve. To find the joy in the new rhythm of their quickened heartbeats.
Others, though, draw solace from solitude. Preferring to float in a peaceful pool of their own making before hurtling down the rushing river of shared shenanigans.

Others still lie in-between. Indulging in the recreation of conversation. Using a catch up as a warm up. They would rather ask "How are you going?" than play "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"
No matter what your preferred preparation, there does seem to be one key ingredient that should be worked into everyone's pre-show routine. There needs to be connection.

Even if you have spent your pre-show in the free flow of quality quiet time, you need to find a way to connect with those around you.
If you've spent your time playing warm-up games, don't mistake standing in a circle with making connections. Group energy and noise can still leave you feeling isolated.
Whatever your method of getting your mind happy to surrender is well and good, but it is the ability to have the cast connected that will allow all those well-prepared minds to work together.
Pre-show meetings, eye contact, shared intent. Whatever gets you united as a group. Acknowledge the bonds that are formed in the heat of performance. Allow those bonds to spill into the wings. Nurture those bonds backstage. Utilise those bonds preshow to make connecting an easy process.
Whether you've been freeze-tagging or gas bagging, whether you've stood in the light with loud laughter or lounged in the shadows with quiet contemplation.
Find a way to find each other. 
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