Episode three | This is your card!

by Patti Stiles on 8 August, 2018 in blog

First everyone was in a world of wonder as Dr. Hans Foottee used his skilled hands to treat everyone to the most amazing magic card tricks. That is if people actually looked.  When they did there were squeals of joy as he made the largest cards imaginable appear out of thin air.

Speaking of the Dr., Cook Evelyn Brida Bridgette O’Hamblem’s temperature is rising and it isn’t the delicious meals she is cooking including three types of potatoes. She is hot to trot for Dr. Hans Foottee who has made his romantic intentions clear.  Still Evelyn is fighting to stay loyal to her jail bird husband Patrick and now that her eldest daughter Maeve Neve Nora O’Hamblem has arrived will this help her stay the faithful coarse or will lust be on the menu?

Maeve Neve is fitting in quite nicely to the Grand Exotic Budapescht Hotel after securing a position as maid.  She has learned to courtesy, use her vowels properly and as long as she can ‘wipe that face off her face’ she should be just fine.

But does this mean Yvette Odette’s is fired for real this time?  What will happen to our adored silent movie film star?  How will she survive?

Perhaps she should take advice from The Countess, who clearly has seven lives.  First dodging the Russians then avoiding legal pursuit after lawyer Monty St. Clair was taken by a poltergeist and now her pesky pompous leech of a cousin Baron Von Augustus‘s body lays at the bottom of a cliff. Coincidence? Convenience? Concierge?

Ah, Concierge Theadore Jones had his hands full as he hired new maid Maeve and elevator operator Philip George Birmingham, plus he and the staff have survived a code turquoise and he has made amends with his twin Brother, from a different Father, Jaque Jones.

And what of this new member of staff Philip George Birmingham?  There is no doubt he is a fine English gentleman, what with his knowledge of England and the fact he knows the King personally.  Or is there?  Strange he cannot master the mechanics of how to operate the elevator crank.  Thanks goodness for the patience and positive energy of our delightful telegram operator Griff who is always there.

Like our delightful Bartender Tomas who serves the most delicious happy hour cocktails, all sipped with delight. The liquor loosens the lips then tales are told and secrets slipped.  The elite guests at the hotel are lucky to have a bartender who listens so intently and keeps their secrets safe.

However with the enthusiastic pipe wielding travel writer, or travelling writer, W. Marmoset Vaughan lurking in the corridors trying to dig up dirt on the guests or the spotless reputation of our beloved Concierge, is anyone safe?

Speaking of digging and secrets, did you notice the twinkle in the eye of Gardener Bathilda Buttercup when she speaks Theadore’s name? Is there a seed of dormant affection waiting for the first sign of spring’s warmth to bloom into love?

It is no secret how Jaque Jones feels about Prigg.  Our love lost Romeo was seen roaming the hotel calling her name, weeping under bushes and publicly practicing proposals.  His heart turned cold when in Prigg’s room he discovered a pool of blood and within it a bracelet.

A bracelet belonging to the Countess.

The same bracelet she gave to Dr. Hans Foottee.

How did it end up in Prigg’s blood….????

Does the Dr. have a magic trick to make this go away or is our taxidermist stuffed?