Episode 4 - Spark Plugs Will Set Your Heart On Fire

by Katherine Weaver on 18 August, 2018

The Countess showed her appreciation towards Concierge Theodore Jones by gifting him the masterpiece Boy With Bird. This painting is a priceless work of art that the Countess smuggled out of West Pomerania in her own unique way.

Mystery writer Jean Claude Cliché arrived with his usual flair throwing the Hotel into a dance of delight, but the real mystery was the arrival of Inspector Helmut.  Could it be that news of the disappearances of Eleanor Prigg, Baron von Brassenburg, Matilda Snapperson and Monty St. Claire have made it to the police? And why does an Inspector put Dr. Hans Footee and Philip George Birmingham on edge? Philip instantly recognised the Inspector as his brother, casting aspersions on his reputation as a nice Englishman...

Luckily Philip could relax by running in the maze in the maize with Jaques and Bathlida, our green thumb who planted and nurtured this stunning corn field. Corn fields will not be the only thing Bathlida nurtures as she finally revealed her desire for Theodore and asked him to have a child with him.  Let the bells of joy ring.

And while they ring let them sound out the engagement of Tomas and Yvette.  Yes it is true, love is in the air and soon we will have a Mr and Mrs. Szneśnyszneś.

 While on the topic of love do we not love youth?  Jean Claude Cliché, after falling ill from the mountain flower cocktail, revealed his true age of 83.  Griff took him to the spa to lift his spirits but soon learned the spa’s regenerative capabilities weren’t merely advertising spin. Jean Claude Cliché danced out of the spa a sprightly young thing.  Will dear Griff emerge an octogenarian?

 Motherly love was put to the test as Evelyn Brida Bridget O’Hamblen found her daughters lip marks on a hickey on Doctor Foottee’s neck. She sent Maebh far far away from her man.  During the fiesty Irish exchange Maeve called her Mother on her cheating ways. Evelyn’s response was simply that “it is all a means to an end.” But what end? And whose?

 And with that Maeve Neve Nora O’Hamblen left the Grand Exotic Budapescht Hotel with a box of spark plugs under her arm, and a new vision for her future. But who is that getting out of the cable car as she got in?


More guests are on their way up the hill and with a wedding to plan and a mystery to solve, it is sure to be the most joyous of times at the hotel.