Episode two | Hoaxes, Holy Spirit and the devil inside.

by Patti Stiles on 30 July, 2018 in blog

A perfect plan unfolded to the entranced audience until Yvette Odette, with her expert eye, publicly critiqued the Countesses acting. She faced the consequences of being fired, yet again - but why by the Dr.?  Curious?  Just like the timely arrival of the Countesses cousin the Baron. 

Meanwhile our enormously equipped ghost hunter Miranda Snapperson was investigating room 693 much to Security Prigg and Cook Hamblem's scepticism. Piercing screams soon shook the sceptics into action, only to open a door to see she had been sucked through the walls leaving nothing but an ectoplasm wet spot and a terrified Baron. Perhaps now they are believers. Curious how the Baron was at both supernatural events? 

While that was unfolding upstairs downstairs at the front desk Jaque was gushing for his love for Elenor Prigg to his brother Concierge Theadore. How could he know the mere mention of marriage would send Theador into a fist fighting frenzy, and how could Theador know Jaque would punch so low.

It is hard for Prigg to love. She loved once and it was her lover who took her eye.  She will toy with Jaque affections, and seduce his brother Theadore but there is only one who can make her laugh and give her hope.

And that is Cook O’Hamblen who under the blood full moon spurned the advances of a besotted Dr. because of her husband back in an Irish prison.

Funny how she forgot about him in her ménage a trois with Prigg and Jaque and how it didn’t cross her mind as her and Prigg shared an intimate moment in the bedroom – just before she jabbed the knife into her ribs and left her to die.

Prigg’s ghost arose from her body to witness Dr. Foottee arrive and take her body away.

Where will he take the body?  Will Griff deliver the note to Yvette from her admirer? How will Thomas cope without Yvette? Did anyone notice the lawyer sucked into the supernatural unknown and will he pay his bill?

Anything is possible in the Grand Exotic Budapescht Hotel!