We've gone and done something crazy...

Hot off the press! Our students just couldn't get enough of our workshops this year, so we've added an exclusive new one for some end of the year fun!




Impro Melbourne's recent season of "Smells Like A Song" saw our actors bursting into song the moment an audience member tossed a rose on to stage calling, "Smells Like A Song!"

Whatever the moment that inspired the audience call was now the inspiration for the song. No waiting. No hedging. Go. It's an act of boldness and trust.

In "Songprov from the Gut," we'll explore those trigger moments. How to trust the simplicity of the scene's discoveries as all you need for your song and how to be bold and explore the emotional promise of that simplicity.

We'll explore theme, metaphor and melodic layering and create quite complex duets from a few simple things.

No singing experience is necessary.

Price: $60 
Time: 11am - 5pm
Date: 17/12/16 

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This workshop will be taught by the experienced Tim Redmond.

Tim has been with Impro Melbourne since 2004. He teaches impro to discover something of meaning and delight and his classes focus on connected scene work and the endless stories that bubble from the simplest moment.

He is a frequent teacher at Improvention, Australia’s biggest impro festival. There, he has created and directed shows exploring the worlds of Anton Chekhov, Sondheim, Hemingway and in 2014, created a post apocalyptic musical.

He has trained, performed, and taught around Australia, as well as Austin, Texas and was an invited guest at the 2014 Impulse Festival in Edmonton, Canada.

In his other life, he is a playwright and devoted podcast listener.

“Tim is a pleasure to be guided by, concise constructive criticism well delivered along with eloquent encouragement.”

“Tim is an inspirational teacher and appropriately challenges us.”

“Tim was able to tailor messages for individuals. For me, I found his individual notes to be illuminating, and that his respect for the work and people who engage in it is tremendous.”