Maestro™ 2014 Week Two: Twas the night before Monday...

by Jaime Cerda on 21 May, 2014 in Shows

Rik Brown shows off the Maestro trophy $5 note

It’s not cold yet, but you know it should be, for winter is coming. The walk up Chapel Street is familiar, nice, like going to visit grandma for those evening treats. “Ah! An Impro Melbourne sign; I’m on the right track,” you say. “Oh dear, the sign says to turn into a darkened street. Not like grandma’s house at all. Wait, there’s another Impro Melbourne sign! Great. Everything’s going to be okay.”

You turn to your friend, partner, mother, brother, sister, child—whoever—and head toward the light. As you walk up the stairs, you hear the gentle sound of happy dance tunes slowly getting louder. At the top, mirrors! Yay! One final check, perhaps a selfie, and we’re ready for our night at the theatre!

Libby, this evening’s lovely Front of House person gives you a warm welcome, a friendly smile and you know you’re in for a fun night. Find your seat quick! As the music gets louder and the lights fade down, you pop that last jelly snake in your mouth and ready your applause hands.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘Maestro’!”

What follows is a night filled with laughter, pathos, happy scenes, silly scenes and sad scenes, a night quite literally ‘like no other’.

The Bull of Truth. A Shakespearean sebate about the Budget. A criminal’s monologue at the Pearly Gates. The One Man Post Office Musical. The Housemate Puppets. And the Queen’s Finger.

These are but a sample of what the night brings, for when the cheeky Improvisers of Impro Melbourne begin their magic, you feel just like a kid again: eyes wide, smile on and mind with not a care in the world except for what is happening right now, in this moment, in this theatre.

So if perchance you did miss Sunday night’s show. You could ask people about the Nazi Commandant or the Bearded Sailor’s Wife, or you could just grab some friends, take a stroll down Chapel Street and come along to this Sunday night’s Maestro and witness more of what we do best, here at Impro Melbourne.

Congratulations to Week 2 Maestro Rik Brown!