Impro Melbourne Update (Mar. 2013)

by Kevin Yank on 19 March, 2013 in Newsletter

Attention comedy buffs! This e-newletter is for you. Yes, you there! The Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) is upon us (actually, it starts 27 March) and, boy (or girl), do we have a whole swag (or host) of shows for you (or whatever) to choose from. Read on for all the goss(ip).

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Not one. Not two. Not three, but four! Wait... nope, it's THREE great shows from Impro Melbourne hit the Comedy Festival this year. ZOMG! That's a whole lotta impro!

First up, Late Night Impro returns as the suped-up, comedy-fuelled, laughapalooza that is Late Night Theatresports™. That's right, the international favourite has been given a coating of Comedy Festival paint and stacked with some of the best comedic talent Australia has to offer. Playing Thursday to Saturday for the first three weeks of the festival, this is Theatresports™ at its most hilarious. Rated M.

Next, a show that brings together Impro Melbourne's finest alongside all your favourite television and stage personalities, Celebrity Theatresports™. Like proverbial gladiators thrown into a ring of comedic initiation, watch as teams of players vie for fame and glory to be crowned champions. Past guests have included the likes of Julia Zemiro, Colin Lane, Jason Geary, Scott Brennan, Michala Banas, Angus Sampson, and many more. For one show only! Check back on the IM website for celebrities as we add them to the cast.

And last but not least, we have our first public children's show, The Fairytale Cookbook. Make the most of the school holidays and bring the kids down to The Melbourne Town Hall to help us cook up a few stories. Do you want a story about a witch, a singing boot and a frog prince? Or maybe a troll under a bridge who rhymes to a fairy about wanting a motorbike? Well, no show is ever the same because we make it all up from your suggestions! Suitable for kids of all ages.

For information on all our shows, just check out the Impro Melbourne website. And keep your eyes pealed to our Facebook page and Twitter, as we'll post plenty of ticket offers for all three shows over the many weeks of the festival.

Sarah Kinsella holds fellow IM performer Rik Brown by the ear and laughs

Term Two Workshops

So you think you can dance? No… sorry… so you think you can improvise? Now’s your chance to find out! Enrolment for Impro Melbourne’s term two improvisation workshops has begun. There’s no experience necessary for our Spontaneity course, so if you’ve ever fancied yourself hitting the stage, this is your chance to live that dream. You’ll also meet new friends, learn from some of the country’s most experienced and talented improvisors—many of whom have taught around the planet—and have yourself a fun ol’ time. What can be better than that?!

For all course information and to enrol, click here.

The entire Impro Melbourne performance company poses in vintage school clothes for a class photo.

That’s all for this edition of National Geographic Wild Animals of the Wild Coast of Wild Africa … sorry… the Impro Melbourne Update. Come and say hi at the Comedy Festival!

Jaimie Robertson, dressed in colourful Shakespearean garb, holds a pink bowling ball in his left hand