Rik Brown

Ensemble Cast | Teacher

Joined Impro Melbourne: 1999

Skills: Actor, Improvisor, Teacher, Podcast host.

Performance background:

Rik has been an Actor and Improvisor for the past 20 odd years.  He has been involved with numerous improvised Melbourne International Comedy and Fringe Festival shows, including Late Nite Impro, Celebrity Theatresports ™ , Sondheim Unscripted, Bingo Board of Doom, Impro3Shuffle, Puppy Fight Social Club, Ultimate Board Game Unscripted, Word/Play, Spark! and Spontaneous Broadway.

He often pops up on the TV trying to sell you things, from Fox Footy Channels to Tic-Tacs and from Worksafe initiatives to Nissan X-trails, his face is proven to make you want to buy stuff.

He also proved himself a master of disguise in ABC3's popular show Prank Patrol, where he used his variety of skills to get children to embarrass themselves.

Teaching background:

Rik has been a member of Impro Melbourne for the past 15 years. He has taught and performed improvisation throughout Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Italy, Germany and The Netherlands. Rik is known for his mischievous style, sharp mind and strong grasp of Character and Narrative. He brings a playful and engaging approach to the art of improvisation.

Student Testimonials:

"Rik's strength lies in keeping the students constantly engaged and attempting to play all the time."

"Introduce skills and ideas step by step. Positive, warm teaching style. Very organised. Repetition of skills with different exercises, so you practised things many times in different ways."

"Support of students. Explains things in an easy to understand way."

Teaching credits 

Improvisation festivals

* Hong Kong          * New Zealand          * Singapore          * Italy
* Germany             * The Netherlands

Impro performance credits
Along with IM's productions, Rik has performed in;

* Bingo Board of Doom            * Impro3Shuffle
* Puppy Fight Social Club        * Spark!
* Spontaneous Broadway        * Ultimate Board Game           
* Random Musical                   * The Rabbit Hole
* The Kit Kat Prov                    * Ultimate Board Game 
* Soothplayers - Completely Improvised Shakespeare


How Bout This? - https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/how-bout-this/id893810117

Yonks Ago - https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/yonks-ago/id1454192468


TV credits

Comedy Slapdown
Prank Patrol
Its a Date
How to Stay Married
Why Are You Like This?

Film credit: I Love You Too

Comic inspirations: Jerry Lewis, Tina Fey, Jill Bernard.

My little secret:

I have to empty every single thing out of my pockets before I go on stage. 


Best Improv Show - The Rabbit Hole - 2017 Nelson Fringe