Jessica Pratt

Joined Impro Melbourne 2018

Skills: Actor, Improvisor, Teacher, Stand Up Comedian, Writer, Dancer.

Performance background:

Jess grew up in Melbourne with a strong dance and musical theatre background. She’s performed in numerous musicals and in 2001, established the dance school Creations School of Dance. Jess has recently returned from Dubai in the UAE where she lived, taught and performed from 2012 to July 2018. There, she was a fulltime performer for the Courtyard Playhouse improv theatre doing four shows a week and teaching improv to corporates, adults, kids and teens. She’s hosted shows, pub quizzes, comedy nights and MC’d corporate events. 

Jess is the creator and writer of the sell out 2019 Melbourne International Comedy festival sketch comedy show, You Throw Like a Girl. She is also the head writer for two web series 'Breaking News- A Recap' and 'Almost Viral'. 

Teaching experience: 

With a Bachelor of Teaching degree from Monash Uni, Jessica has been teaching music, dance, drama and improvisation to kids, teens and adults for nearly 20 years. She’s worked as a corporate trainer with The Courtyard Playhouse teaching improv team building and storytelling skills with clients such as PWC, Pepsi Co, Google, Pfizer, Louis Vuitton, Swarovski to name a few. As she says: there’s nothing more exciting as a teacher than seeing the moment a student ‘gets it!’

Teaching/Performing credits  

Jane Austin Off Script 
Director’s Cut
Happiness Street: The Improvised Soap Opera
This Is Impro
Arabian Nights: Dubai International Improv Festival and iTi Conference
Dubai International Comedy Festival 

Improvised Kid’s Story time
Little Monsters
The Mystery of the Toilet Monster
What Comes Next?
Super Story
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Robin Hood


Best New Comedian - UAE Comedy Awards 
Best Female Comedian - UAE Comedy Awards

Impro motto or quote:

“Success as an improvisor is all about hearing what your partner said - really being present and listening to them, instead of creating YOUR great idea.” Dan O’Connor. 

Comedy Inspirations: David Letterman, Tina Fey, Kitty Flanagan, Rob Sitch

Favourite Impro Melbourne show or role: Smells Like a Song.