Amanda Buckley

Ensemble Cast |  Teacher

About Amanda
Amanda has been performing for nearly 20 years for theatre, corporate and festival audiences both in Australia and overseas; including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, New Zealand Improv Festival, Adelaide and Melbourne Fringe Festivals and the UCB Del Close Marathon (NY).

She has trained and performed with Impro Australia, Impro Melbourne, The Big Hoo Haa Melbourne, Impromptunes and Spark! As a corporate and public facilitator she has worked with Impromptunes, Impro Australia, Impro Melbourne, Spark! and Jamie Burgess.

Notable show credits include: Yourovision: The Improvised Song Contest, Impromptunes The Completely Improvised Musical, Spontaneous Broadway, Random Musical, Short & Sweet & Cabaret, Bingo Board of Doom, Butch Masters: Man of Destiny, Scrabble Unscripted, iMPro3 Shuffle, Blank The Musical and Beaconsfield The Musical. 

How has improvisation added to your career or life?
Improv has given me a career as a performer and a teacher. It has afforded me the opportunity to travel and teach and create things I would not have thought I could as just an actor. Improv has given me friendship, love and family! Literally!
What has Impro Melbourne given you? 
Impro Melbourne opened their arms up to me, when I relocated from Sydney and gave me a home here. Impro Melbourne gave me my return to the stage after maternity leave and  the confidence to be a mother and a performer. Always supportive and encouraging, I feel so much gratitude for IM! 
Can you share a favourite Impro Melbourne moment? 
Watching a heavily pregnant Sarah Kinsella leap into Simon Dowlings arms. The looks on both of their faces I will never forget!
Any words of advice for improvisers?
Be open to your career taking many turns. Be ready for change - it's where the opportunities are.
Enjoy yourself and use all the skills you have - if you can sing, SING! If you do accents, DO THOSE ACCENTS!
But stay away from cartwheels - THEY ARE MINE!