Sophie Power

Ensemble Cast

Joined Impro Melbourne: 2016

Performance background:

Sophie is a high energy ball of madness. She’s pretty green to the impro game but she brings with her actor-y skills from years of training. She loves anything physical and playing animals or inanimate objects.

Theatre Credits:

  • World War T (2016)

  • Five Women Wearing the Same Dress (2016) 

Impro Credits

  • Smells Like A Song (2016/17)

  • Maestro™ (2016/17)

  • The Impro Cave (2016)

  • Theatresports™ (2016/17)

  • The Fairytale Cookbook (Melb. Fringe) (2016) Impro Melbourne 

Film Credits:

  • Night Shift (2016) 

  • Stamp (2015) 

  • Wingfish (2015) 

Impro Mentor: Jaklene Vukasinovic

Favourite IM show or role: The First Four with Tim Redmond – performing this feels like performing a real play but you get to make up the plot!

Comic inspirations: Robin Williams, The girls from Broad City

My little secret: I often indulge in a little cheeky messina after a show to reward myself after performing! See you there ;)