Pauline Calme

Guest Company

Joined Impro Melbourne 2020

Performance Background

Pauline is an international performer and director from France. She has performed in 150+ professional theatre shows (Improvisation, clown, mask, contemporary and classical). From 2013 to 2018 she performed in the successful long-form improv show Le Fauteuil with the company Smoking Sofa. She performed as a clown and physical actress in Requiem for 3 years (2015 to 2017). She taught, directed and performed improv in 15 festivals (NZ Improv Festival 2017, Improvention 2017, Nelson Fringe Festival 2018, Slovenia Kamfest, and festivals in France). Pauline studied acting for two years at Armel Veilhan’s theatre school in Paris. From 2015, She is mentored by the clown-acrobat Ira Seidenstein (Slava Snow Show, International
School for Acting And Creativity in Brisbane). In 2019 she became an official associate of I.S.A.A.C. In France, She is supported by the company Trance Mask France. Unleash The Beast is her third solo show, after two written ones.


"There is no doubt that Pauline Calmé‘s solo show that I saw recently in Paris is one of the best improv shows I have ever seen. Pauline Calmé is an emerging astute artist/performer/director/teacher " – Dr. Ira Seidenstein, International School for Acting and Creativity (AU)
"... Pauline creates a unique world while co-existing alongside her partner’s worlds. ... She hasa clear style, she's spontaneous, and she gives off a positive energy." — Mark Jane , Trance Mask France (FR) "The festival was a Pauline Calmé Show from the first hour to the last one. Maestra for the
second time, a new record ! Bravo ! " -   Marc Occipinti, co-director of the festival Les 72h de
l’impro de Paris
"Pauline has an approach that is both accessible to different people and challenging in a delicious way. " - Clayton Pearce, The depend Theater (USA)