Neil Bailey

Rookie Company

Joined Impro Melbourne: 2015

Performer background:

Neil is a simple improviser, without any fancy pants acting training or la-de-da singing skills. Having said that, he does fancy himself as quite the actor, and does love to dabble occasionally in out-of-tune melodies. His favourite scenes are those that both make the audience engage emotionally and laugh all at the same time.

Teaching experience:

Neil occasionally gives neuroscience lectures to local universities. He has yet to try his hand at teaching impro, although is more than happy to discuss the art and offer strong opinions!

Impro motto or quote:  "Theatre should make people more empathetic, rather than just make them laugh (although making them laugh is also great!)."

Impro Mentor: Amy Moule

Favourite IM show or role: 

We performed an ancient Roman soapathon once upon a time. I played a Centurion who accidentally killed the daughter of the Empress and was executed for it in front of my best friend. The glory! 

Comic inspirations: Stephen Fry is a favourite personality of mine. The combination of wit and intellect means we’re learning while we’re laughing, something that I find delightful.

My little secret:

Sometimes when I’m on stage I think that I’m not particularly funny or talented at all, and probably shouldn’t be there, but that it doesn’t matter at all that that might be the case. I find those scenes to be the my best performances.