Leah Gabriel

Alums | 2003 - 2008 

Ensemble Cast, Teacher, Committee member
About Leah
Leah is an actor, producer, dialect coach and baker of bread in her spare time.  Originally from Melbourne, she now lives and works in New York City.  She is a founding member of Joyseekers Theatre and a member of Titan Theatre's resident acting company.   New York theatre credits include Medea (Medea), The Good Girl (Anjali), King Lear (Goneril) and Othello (Roderigo).  Regional US credits include The 39 Steps (Pamela/Margaret/Annabella), Boeing Boeing(Gretchen), Twelfth Night (Viola) and Mother Courage and Her Children (Yvette). 

How has improvisation added to your career or life? 
My training with Patti Stiles and Impro Melbourne has helped me immensely in my acting work.  Impro taught me how to stand on stage and be present in the moment.   It taught me to really listen and respond to what is happening right now in front of me - not what is supposed to be happening but what is actually happening.  I now do scripted work, so the words are taken care of by someone much smarter than I, which happily leaves me to focus on living truthfully moment by moment on stage with my scene partners.

What has Impro Melbourne given you? 
It gave me an amazing community of artists and creative folk who taught and inspired me in many ways.  They still do!  The company gave me countless hours of performing and teaching experience which developed skills that I use often.

A favourite Impro Melbourne moment.
I remember once playing in Theatresports on a two person team with Jason Geary. It was a wild, fun ride because he is such a brilliant, mischievous and fiercely creative improviser. 

Any words of advice for improvisers? 
Be generous, be kind, be fearless and trust yourself.