Kiran Rao

Rookie Company

Joined Impro Melbourne 2020

Performance Background

Words matter. And Kiran has dedicated his adult life to pursuing the meaning of words. Whether in his day job carefully drafting contracts or playing pretend onstage, Kiran has seen and continues to discover the power of words and their ability to cause change.  Improvisation gives us the freedom and tools to explore - what happens when you blurt out the wrong words. It's a joyous thrill to see people make mistakes, to choose the wrong words, and rise to the challenge of seeing them through. 

Impro credits:
Impro Melbourne Rookies (2020 - Present)
Impro Melbourne Maestro (2019)
Impro Melbourne Theatresports (2019)
Laugh Masters' Academy House Team (2018-2019)
Performance Art Schools / Impro Companies: 

Impro Melbourne 
The Improv Conspiracy
The Hoo-HaAcademy
Howard Fine Acting Studio

Impro Motto or Quote"Many teachers think of children as immature adults. It might lead to better and more 'respectful' teaching, if we thought of adults as atrophied children." (Keith Johnstone)

Impro Mentor: Katherine Weaver

Favourite Impro Melbourne show or role:  
Are you Awake? (2020)

Comic inspirations: Bo Burnham, Taika Waititi. 

My Little Secret: On stage I'm like a golden retriever, throw an imaginary ball and I'll run after it.