Anna Renzenbrink

Alums |  2005 - 2013

Performer in our Ensemble Cast

How has improvisation added to your career or life?

Improvisation has given me an outlet to develop my niche interests in historical genres, literature and films – it has provided me the forum to own my unique character quirks and find a place to express myself! 
What has Impro Melbourne given you? 
Impro Melbourne has given me an exceptionally well-rounded impro education which is most apparent when travelling and participating in international festivals. 
Can you share a favourite Impro Melbourne moment? 
I always loved standing backstage waiting for a Theatresports show to start....hearing the Go song and dancing like a fool in the wings!
Any words of advice for improvisers?
I always tell beginning improvisers to be kind to themselves and as generous with positive self talk as they would be with a dear friend. The harsh inner critic must be kept on a tight leash.