With Katherine Weaver

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The Weekend Intensive is designed to provide a in-depth learning experience around a theme.

The course is designed to offer a variety of experiences adding diversity in the improviser's repertoire.

Themes alter through the year and could be focused on any of the following:

  • Short form: How to play the game, ask the audience for suggestions, explain the game, and perform it.
  • Narrative Long form: Discovering a wide range of long format structures such as linear and non-linear narratives, directed long forms, thematic and genre work.
  • Concept-based Long form: Delve into formats such as Armando, Harold, City Life, Stuck In The Middle to name a few. These are long forms in structure and time but are not necessarily focused on a complete story.
  • Improvised Song: A special weekend course focused on improvised songs and musical scenes. Exploring song structure, musicality, and how songs fit into scene work.

Students learn to

  • Understand the format structure, aims and objectives
  • Explore what it is like to play the format
  • Work on advanced concepts specific to the intensive
  • Shaping the format for performance
  • Improvisation skill enhancement and development

Prerequisite Skills: Impro Melbourne’s Spontaneity, Narrative Technique, Character and Scene work courses or similar training at discretion of AD or course instructor. Please email: katherine@impromelbourne.com.au

Please note: There is no formal feedback to students for this course.

Note: Impro Melbourne workshops are for ages 18 and over.

Term Two: PLOT MESS with Rik Brown

On Sale May 6th 

Develop your Narrative skills by breaking all the rules! This workshop sets us free from plot pressures and allows our characters and stories to roam into the unknown. Have you ever felt weighed down by thoughts of 'Does that make sense in the plot?' or 'How are we going to tie this all together?' or 'Hey, wasn't that character my uncle, now he's my grandmother...whaaaaat?' Often these notions can rob us of the joy of being in the moment and can put us up in our heads as we try to GET. IT. RIGHT!

So for one brief weekend come and play! Come and get lost in the Narrative / Plot Hot Mess! We dont always have to be like a painter slaving over a canvas trying to create the perfect picture. Sometimes we can just cover our hands in paint and throw it wherever we want!!





Workshop Details

Dates & Times

Course of 2 classes
Saturday 11.00am – 5.00pm
Sunday 11.00am – 5.00pm
March 4 – March 5, 2017


Prices in AUD, GST included