Since 1996 Impro Melbourne has been offering improvisation performances and workshops to schools in Melbourne and Regional Victoria. We are committed to developing the understanding of improvisation and believe strongly in the beneficial skills it develops in young people such as communication, trust and self-confidence.

For the Primary level, Impro Melbourne is pleased to offer Fairytale Cookbook Workshopsfor years Prep to 6.

The Fairytale Cookbook Workshop is a unique and engaging way to bring the magic of creating stories into the classroom. Let Impro Melbourne expertly provide the recipe for your students to tell great stories. Using well-established fairytale archetypes as ingredients and classical story design as the method, your participants will understand not only what makes a great story, but also how to construct one themselves with their personal unique twists.

Linking to Victorian Curriculum levels F, 1, 2 and 3 The Fairytale Cookbook Workshop  encourages students to listen, respond, share ideas and think creatively. They will work individually and also as part of a creative team, exercising their personal and interpersonal communication skills.

For Secondary level we offer Drama Improvisation workshops for years 7-12, and 3 specialty workshops VCE Unlocked for Year 11& 12 students doing Unit 3 &4 Drama Studies.

Improvisation is a great way to develop self-confidence and explore the imagination. It is essential in any Theatresports™ work, and valuable in any rehearsal process. These Workshops encourage creative play, active participation and lots of laughter. Students are introduced to the principles of spontaneous improvisation, including teamwork, cooperation, trust, respect for others' ideas, and dealing light-heartedly with failure. These are the elements of successful Theatresports™ games work and performance.

Linking to Victorian Curriculum F-10, levels 4,5 and 6, these workshops directly address address areas in Creative Thinking, Drama and English with interpersonal development and personal learning including sharing of ideas, teamwork, creative thinking, sharing ideas, responding and communicating. The skills learned can also lead to creative writing and scripted performance making.

Impro Melbourne is licensed with the ITI (International Theatresports Institute) to perform and teach Theatresports™. We are the only company in Victoria licensed to do so.

Impro Melbourne is pleased to be a part of the RAV Arts and Education schools touring program For school bookings please contact Regional Arts Victoria Ph: (03) 9644 1800 or 1800 819 803 (toll free country Victoria only) or visit the RAV website.