Improvisation is an effective, fun and definite way to comprehend what it takes to be spontaneous and imaginative. The same exercises we use as actors, to develop our skills, also assist businesses and individuals to be innovative and inventive.

Impro Melbourne offers a varied range of workshops from a simple fun ice-breaker activity to more focused skills training. Workshops can be as short as an hour and a half, run for a full day or build over a series of meetings.

We offer the following specially focused workshops:

We love being challenged and putting our creativity to the test. If you have an idea on how you feel improvisation can best service your team please discuss it with us.

Workshop Descriptions

Seize The Moment

The ability to think clearly when the pressure is on is essential in handling impromptu interactions. Through a series of improvisation exercises you’ll develop skills to manage nervous energy, deal with the unexpected, recover from the blank brain and feel more secure in your ability to handle the unknown.

Idea Generation

One of the principles of effective brainstorming is to generate many ideas. Improvisation technique opens the imagination by removing creative blocks and eliminating internal conversations and criticisms. We focus on key elements of the idea generation process—permission and acceptance.

Team Building

There are many challenges in creating solid teamwork. Key obstacles are communication, distrust and conflicting personalities. Improvisation by nature cultivates collaboration, fosters trust and brings people together. Through a series of playful, fun and uplifting exercises we increase trust, break down differences and develop people’s listening skills—the key to good communication.

So You Think You Can Impro

This workshop is a fun and challenging out-of-the-box, team-building activity. We train participants in performance skills and improvisation games. Then they perform for each other. It is a great opportunity to have a laugh at yourself and each other while tackling something new and scary. Cap it off with a performance by the Impro Melbourne team to really make it an event to remember.

Pricing will depend on the number of participants and the length of the workshop. Hire of workshop space if needed and travel outside the Melbourne metropolitan area will be factored into our quote.

We aim to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

For further information email Patrick Duffy: