With Rik Brown

Note: course fees will increase in 2018 due to higher administration costs for Impro Melbourne

“I always recommend IM courses to people who say they love 
watching impro and want to get more involved. The teachers are all knowledgable and attentive and bring their own spark of passion and inspiration to the classes.”

Character explores how to create a character through using a variety of techniques such as your body, voice, emotions and attitudes. It’s through our characters we live our stories. It is a wonderful look at how people behave and a fun release in allowing you to discover the characters who will live in the stories you tell.

Prerequisite: Impro Melbourne’s Spontaneity and Narrative Technique courses
Character assumes basic improvisation skills, as well as basic narrative skills. In general, it is only open to people who have done the Narrative Technique and Spontaneity courses. As with Narrative, this requirement may be waived in very exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Artistic Director - publicworkshops@impromelbourne.com.au

Students learn

  • Creation of character through Physical and Vocal choices
  • Status
  • Attitudes, Obsessions, Objectives
  • The roles of Hero, Villain and Victim in a story
  • Moving the narrative through pursuing an Objective
  • How Emotional Reactions impact scenes
  • Relationships and connection

The course is designed to explore moving the narrative through our characters wants, needs, point of view, morality and status. How they navigate their relationships trigger the audiences perception and fuel the emotional engine of the story.

Character assists performers to invent and portray the wide range of characters that will keep their work interesting.

Note: Impro Melbourne workshops are for ages 18 and over.

Workshop Details

Dates & Times

Course of 9 classes
Tuesdays 7.00pm – 9.00pm
July 25 – September 19, 2017


$319.00 Full, $275.00 Concession
Prices in AUD, GST included