SongProv Duets

with Tim Redmond
"I loved Melbourne Improv's Songprov classes! I found them a great way to build confidence and skill with improvised singing and creating songs. I found the workshops well structured and designed to build both skill and confidence in both singing skills themselves and improvising songs. We covered a range of skills that I have since found really useful in my improv; 'finding the song' in the scene, using songs to develop both character and/or narrative, as well as create and support atmosphere that is authentic to scenes. Tim is a really supportive and encouraging teacher who adjusts the classes to the improviser's skill and confidence level, but also challenges you to really develop in this area and push yourself to develop your skills. The classes are really fun and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to develop their songprov!" Lottie 

This course if for those who have done SongProv with Tim before or have some musical impro experience.
New to songProv? See the SongProv for Beginners.

The duet is a staple of musical theatre. The love duet, the 'we-can-do-it' duet , the whispered secrets duet. It's the moment two characters really open up to each other and let it all out. But these are just the beginnings of what we can do with the duet.
How about a song of counsel? A fangs-out fight duet, a seduction song, a duet of kinship, a duet between rivals...
"Songprov - Duets," will explore the riches that the duet can lead us to if we open up and allow it. Students will be coached in - 
  • How to listen to, harmonize and counterpoint with your song partner
  • The technique of verse, chorus & bridge
  • Supporting through stage-picture
  • Heightening your scene partner's moment
  • Discovering whose song it is...
  • and most of all, enjoying the moment of creating a song with your partner

Prerequisites: Impro Melbourne's core courses SpontaneityNarrative TechniqueCharacter and Scene Work.

Questions? Contact our workshop co-ordinator Katherine.

Age requirement: 18 and over. Please see our Impro in Schools programs for anyone under 18.

Workshop Details

Dates & Times

February 7 – February 14, 2019
Thursdays 7.00pm – 9.00pm
Course of 2 classes



Prices in AUD, GST included


Rosina Auditorium, Abbotsford Convent
1 St Heliers Street Abbotsford, VIC

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Tim has been with Impro Melbourne since 2004. He teaches impro to discover something of meaning and delight and his classes focus on connected scene-work and the endless stories that can bubble from the simplest moment.

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