Ten Titles at the Town Hall

by Tim Redmond on 15 April, 2016 in Shows

What happens if Lleyton Hewitt is an oncologist? (1) Ever wondered who would chair the annual meeting of The Losers' Club? (2) And just what is behind the Red Door? (3)

Last night’s cast of Grand Theft Impro, Mike Bryant, Amy Moule, Tim Redmond, Sarah Kinsella, Gordon Dorin and superstar guest Lliam Amor were challenged to complete these ten titles in fifty minutes.

  • Spicy Fish
  • Heffas Anonymous
  • The Losers' Club
  • I've got a tasty Spring Roll in my Bag, so eat it!
  • The Return of the Yeti
  • Schnell!
  • Come on!
  • Miles McPooch - Canine Detective
  • Behind the Red Door
  • Dinner for One

And, they got there. 

All ten titles successfully thumbed-up by audience vote right on the crack of midnight. 

Sure, there was the three-peat of "Schnell," after an idle Mike Bryant boast on first go of, "Sit back, we've got this." One fumbled Fosse-soaked cabaret and ill-fated, sub-polar ski trip later, it took a journey to Hell for Lucifer to select a new bride from the audience before "Schnell" got the thumbs up. Volunteer Brie also managed to name the demon child Pretty Baby and endow it with flame-thrower hands along the way.

All in a day's work.

See you next Friday when an all new cast faces all new titles in an all new GTI race to 10.

(1) Many People would die, but we'd hail his fight.
(2) A bully called Death-Star.
(3) A blue window.